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I'm currently on holidays and my wife and mum just went shopping... so 'm taking the opportunity to update this blog.

Today I thought I would go back to an old photograph I've taken in Trafalgar Square to just discuss a bit on how to shoot fast and the get the shot you want.

Why would you want to shoot fast, some would ask? Wouldn't it be better to take your time and get it right? The answer would obviously be 'yes, but...' there is always a 'but'... you don't always have that time. If you are shooting an important person, in a crowded place where you might be obstructing the pathway etc... the time frame available for you to get the shot might be very short. So how can you get good shots in short time?

David Hobby (Mr Strobist) came back to the UK for a Strobist seminar tour last month. As I already attended the seminar before, this year I just came for a drink with some London Strobists admins. At some point during the evening DH took this shot:

The Last Supper - Strobist way 

It was a very pleasant evening and I'm sure all who attended the seminar have learned a lot.

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