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Fashion shots and bridal portraits at the Nikon Solutions Expo 2008

Nikon Solutions Expo was being held at the Olympia Conference Centre in London on December 9th and 10th, it's showcasing the latest digital imaging products, services and techniques, plus interactive photo opportunities, seminars, tutorials and expert advice.

I found the expo small if you compare it to Focus for example and the seminars and interactive tutorials were basics but I guess it is interesting for consumers that want to discover the product or learn to use the one they just bought and it was an opportunity to try to get some shots of models such as Katie Green the ex Wonderbra model. It was very difficult to get a session with the model as you can imagine the workshop attracted a lot of photographers and only a few could get an individual session. So I had to steal some shots from where I was. Hopefully the workshop was also about off-camera flash using Nikon Speedlights and CLS (Creative Lighting System), I was thus able to use my D300 popup flash to trigger the flashes used at the workshop. I did take care of waiting for the main photographer to take his shot first and while he was waiting for his pictured to be transfered thru WiFi to his computer I took mine :-D


Bridal Portraitures:

Bridal portrait of the model Katie Green

As in nearly all Nikon UK event, Katie Green the ex Wonderbra model was on the show. This time she was in a wedding dress for the bridal portraits workshop. I was not lucky enough to get picked to have an individual session with Katie so had to used my 105mm f/2.8 VR and shoot from outside the fence. But I was quite happy with the results:


Fashion masterclass:

The photograph above and the first one in the following set were post-processed by my mate Frank Williams:


Excellent photos

Terrific photos - gave me a lot of inspiration and great ideas

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