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I've recently joined Twitter and got addicted :-D, it's a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. A lot of people are using Twitter to just update their status answering to the classic question "What are you doing?" within 140 characters. But Twitter can be used as a great micro-blog allowing you to stay connected with not only your relatives and friends but also to other professionals and individual (read potential customers). Well used, Twitter can be a great complement to your online website showing case your work, dragging traffic to your main website and staying in touch with your visitors, they will not only read your blog or view your pictures, they now can communicate with you in real time, follow your every day work etc... This gives a new dimension to your online marketing.

Twitter is also a great source of news and advises, in today's Fave Links I will list some of my favorite tweets from other members of the Twitterverse (universe of Twitter).

I'm connected to Twitter on a daily basis reading news, receiving tips, viewing other great photographers' work giving me some inspiration. Since the beginning I've been collecting interesting Tweets and saving them as favorites, here is a sample:

Twitter is not text only, photographers are also posting their most recent work or like Chase Jarvis their iPhone photo of the day taking the challenge to grab cool shot from the simple built-in camera:

Above in order: one of Chase Jarvis iPhone photo of the day, Wizwow (Don Giannatti) recent light testing turns out to be a great image, Zack Arias from the "One Light Workshop" is father.

Thanks to Twitter I now have a new way to communicate with other photographers and people and also follow what is happening in their lives and at the same time market myself.

To see more of my favorites tweets, join Twitter and go here.


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