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Fave Links - Photography tips videos

Fave Links - Web Links

In the "Fave Links" category, I will try to regularly post links to some of my favorites photography related websites and/or videos.

Today I've found some few interesting videos on YouTube, it's all about other photographers' hints and tips they want to share with the community. It's very interesting to see how other photographers are dealing with their job and what they can advise you to do in some situations. Some tips may or may not suit you so just keep the one you feel for it, don't reject the rest but keep them somewhere (in your head or if your memory is not good enough like mine, in your bloc note) as they may be useful one day.

Let's start with Rick Sammon's Top Ten Digital Photography Tips:

  • Tip #01 Learn how to see the light
  • Tip #02 Try to create a sense of dimension and depth in your image
  • Tip #03 Take a hike/walk and take your time
  • Tip #04 Always look down, always look back and always lookup
  • Tip #05 Tell the whole story
  • Tip #06 Frame it
  • Tip #07 Be aware of the background
  • Tip #08 The name of the game is "Fill the frame"
  • Tip #09 RAW Rules!
  • Tip #10 Always envision the end result.
  • Ultimate rule: All rules are made to be broken

10 top tips for travel photographers with Nigel Atherton:

  • Tip #01 Get up early
  • Tip #02 Travel light but have a wide range of lens to cover wide angle to telephoto
  • Tip #03 Don't shoot everything with the lense set at infinity, get close, 
  • Tip #04 Change orientation, shoot portrait and landscape mode
  • Tip #05 Don't only shoot at eye level go low or high view point
  • Tip #06 A compact camera can be handy
  • Tip #07 Don't stick with auto mode on the camera for more creative images
  • Tip #08 Use flash both at night and day time for low light conditions or shadows fils
  • Tip #09 Don't forget people!
  • Tip #10 Try to stick around at sunset! Stay for the afterglow for a mix with building lights


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