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Jumping shots... in Canberra

My wife and I used to like taking jumping shots wherever we go but since the birth of our little Thien-San we've been too exhausted to even think about it. Until today when we went for a trip in the country side of Canberra. We went to the observatory in Mount Stromlo, we started to take few shots in the derelict buildings around and Minh-Sa did some jumps with Hien, the cousin. Then I got in as well, our son seeing us jumping like mad started to giggle so I had the idea to include him in the photographs too, why should he be left aside?

We are starting to discover some nice places in Canberra. Next time I'll bring more decent gears to take proper portraits.

In the mean time, here are a few shots taken today:


Beautiful photography

This jumping photography is really amazing!!! very interesting, brilliant photography.

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