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My saviour

About a year ago, I met a Sheila in a bus as I was going back home. As we were discussing about photography, I put my camera on the seat and showed her some of my work on my iPhone. I didn't realize the bus has arrived to my stop so got caught by surprised and jumped out of the seat grabbing all my stuffs: bag, lightstands, reflector etc... And guess what? I forgot my camera on the bus! I really hated myself at that time. But my lucky star was shining on me that evening, Sheila was just a very honest person and called me back from the number on the card I gave her earlier! I'm glad to see there are still some people like her in this world!

So to show my gratitude, I offered Sheila to have her portrait done. It took us about a year to come up with a date that suits both our agenda.

Came the day, I went to Sheila's place and did the photoshoot in her flat. It was a great experience and we both enjoyed the quick photoshoot at lunch time.

Sheila's flat was lovely with a window opening on a great view of the neighborhood golf course.

I started to do some portrait with some off-camera flashes. My mistake was to try to balance with the ambient light, there was blue curtains which gave some color cast that I didn't notice on the day but that make it a bit more difficult at post-processing time.

The first and fourth portrait below were taken in natural light. I closed the curtains leaving just a little opening and place Sheila in front of it. All the room was in the shade except for a little stripe of soft light landing on Sheila's face. By playing the curtain I could control the tone of the background wall.

The third image was done with a gridded flash gun against the curtain.

The flash lit portraits were using a silver umbrella as key light.


Great shoot.

I like first photo the most. Great shoot

Good on Sheila

great to see that there are honest people and that they will take the tiime to contact you to return your goods. I am sure she was pelase with results of the photoshoot!

Nice Portraits

I like them really much. Nice light

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