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Lectures, workshops and courses in London

Additionally to my photo sessions, I'm also offering seminars and workshop to local camera clubs in London and private tuition to individual photographers.

I'm very enthusiastic and passionate about photography especially when it comes to off-camera lighting. Acquiring and improving my skills are not enough, I want to share my knowledge and help other photographers at all levels to better understand light and their flashguns.

Off-camera flash techniques is a misunderstood subject and photographers starting the subject often get confused with how to juggle between the camera and flash settings. In my group and one-to-one tuitions, I'm trying to clarify these technical confusions in simple and non technical words avoiding to mention too much of these rules and laws but rather demonstrating them.

Courses' program and rates*

Course name Description 1-on-1 price Group price (max. 4)
Basics of photography. Just bought a new digital camera and want to take better pictures? This 2 hours hands-on course is what you need. We will go around the basics of photography: light, exposure, composition, ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed, Aperture etc.. at your own pace. £120** Price for Australia available soon.
Introduction to off-camera lighting.

3 hour hands-on course on the use of off-camera lighting with speedlights with a model. The program includes:

  • understanding of some main properties of the light.
  • how to get an exposure for the flash.
  • how balance a flash with the ambient.
  • how to control the quality (hard vs soft) of a light.
  • discover most useful flash accessories: umbrella, softbox, reflector, color gels, snoot, gobos and grids

It is made of 1 hour about the theory and 2 hours hands-on practice.

The price includes the model's fees.

£180** Price for Australia available soon.
Off-camera lighting coaching. Have a personal project and need a lighting director, someone to guide you with the lighting during the execution of your photography? Please contact me for custom quote.    
Photographic Societies

Subject of my lectures:

  • Introduction to off-camera flash photography
  • Advance off-camera flash photography
  • Outdoors/Indoors practical off-camera flash photography sessions
  • Flash photography for product shots
  • Basic of photography (for beginners)
n/a Please contact me.
Custom tuition. Need tuitions on a specific subject? Or maybe additional hours to perfect your skills? Please contact me for a custom package.    

(*) Under 21, over 60 & active members of the LPMG & EHHPS gets the group price for a 1-to-1 training.

(**) These prices are valid until Dec 2012.

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