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Sony Photo Challenge - Week 2: Travel, and the winner is...

My blog and its readership has been invited to the Sony Photo Challenge, we are in the middle of week 3 with the subject being 'People'. Sony has revealed the winners of last week 'Travel' competition.

You too can win an Sony NEX-5 Camera, the world smallest interchangeable lens digital camera. Wednesday 29th December 2010 will start week 3 with 'People' as subject. Just submit your image to the Flickr group and tag your image with 'SonyPhotoChallenge' and 'QH Photography'. More info here.

The winning shot

Transportation - David Peskens

Many fine images of aircraft were submitted, but this one caught my eye because the minimalistic approach and a large expanse of sky leave so much to the imagination. Jetting off to where? Even the trees have a feeling of some far off place and only closer examination reveals the cars making their own individual journeys. The component elements may be small, but the overall effect is evocative.

Prize is a NEX-5 camera from Sony

Second place shot

The Wall of Ice – Sacha S

At first glance, this photo felt really simple, and graphic. A screen print almost. It’s only until you take a closer look, you realise how much detail has been held onto in the foreground. It really draws you in.

The two-tone colouring works so well in this image. Had it been shot in black and white, or even full colour, would it have been as special? I think not.

Note: Sacha is also a reader of this blog. Well done to you, you have tried and you got it! Great picture.

Prize is a NEX-3 camera from Sony

Third place shot

Man and Dog – Jan Enkelmann

A lovely candid shot of man and his best friend. Well, not quite, as the man appears in a world of his own, oblivious to the friendly dog seeking his attention. A touch of humour, coupled with a well-balanced composition and restricted colour, make for an eye-catching image very much in the photo travel genre.

Prize is a Cybershot camera from Sony


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