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About a year ago, I met a Sheila in a bus as I was going back home. As we were discussing about photography, I put my camera on the seat and showed her some of my work on my iPhone. I didn't realize the bus has arrived to my stop so got caught by surprised and jumped out of the seat grabbing all my stuffs: bag, lightstands, reflector etc... And guess what? I forgot my camera on the bus! I really hated myself at that time. But my lucky star was shining on me that evening, Sheila was just a very honest person and called me back from the number on the card I gave her earlier! I'm glad to see there are still some people like her in this world!

So to show my gratitude, I offered Sheila to have her portrait done. It took us about a year to come up with a date that suits both our agenda.

Came the day, I went to Sheila's place and did the photoshoot in her flat. It was a great experience and we both enjoyed the quick photoshoot at lunch time.

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