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Thanks to Permadaylight for creating this great video clip of the London Strobist meetup group last Halloween 2009.

The meetup was organized in Club Life, a night club in Vauxhall. Lot of photographers and models turn up with the help of MUA.

If you are interested in photography and particularly into off-camera flash then I strongly suggest that you visit the group's website (see links below).

There was another meetup today in Stratford, we managed to get an ex warehouse and gathered 20 photographers, 8 models and 4 MUA. Pictures will appear on the group Flickr stream soon.

Sorry for the long radio silence. After our holidays in Montpellier (France) that has started with a 4 days of nightmare trying to get into a plane: 3 flight cancellations, 12 tickets! I got sick with a very long and painful cough. But it seems to go away slowly now.

Back in September last year, I went to Paris for some training and to meet the Strobist@Paris meetup group. After the meetup, when all other photographers have gone home for dinner, I stayed around and waited for the sunset to see if there would be any photographic opportunity. I wasn't disappointed.

As I was wandering around I met a group of teenagers and proposed to take their pictures. They were over-excited and accepted the offer. They are a group of friends that live in the same town, dancing and doing music together. They are now a little association that regularly meetup in a room in their school and around Paris, especially here at "La Defence"

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