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Sony Photo Challenge - Week 3: People, and the winner is...

The last week of the Sony Photo Challenge competition will end tomorrow midday. Today is your last chance to upload your 'Sport' photograph to the competition to win a Sony NEX-5 camera.

Sony NEX-5 camera is the world smallest interchangeable lens digital camera. Be quick and upload your contribution to the competition. Just submit your image to the Flickr group and tag your image with 'SonyPhotoChallenge' and 'QH Photography'. More info here.

The winning shot

Contemplation - Pcang19

This image is the one I kept returning to when judging the photo challenge. The viewer gets that sense of the moment of contemplation. You can almost hear the two men thinking. With a great use of light, you feel close, but not too close to you lose context or the place in which the photograph was taken. I don't normally like photographs of people's backs to the lens, but I most definitely made an exception for this image. 
Prize is a NEX-5 camera from Sony

Second place shot

A step from kitchen - alexhuiphoto
I like this image, it has pathos that is quite interesting. The woman's dress looks out of place in the kitchen that looks like a restaurant - so we are not sure why she is there. Enigma's good in a photograph. On the other hand, all great photographs leave a viewer with few questions, and describe things in detail, but never what is really going on. This image does this well. 
Prize is a NEX-3 camera from Sony

Third place shot

The Campoamore perspective - tunelko
This is image has a great sense of humour to it and references art and the history of photography rather well. One instantly thinks of Auguste Rodin and his "The Thinker" sculpture, while leading us into a contemplation of age and permanence. This shot also lets us think of time; the time to read and contemplate. The use of the longer lens allows the subject to be placed in relation to the statue within the frame while not disturbing the peace of the scene. 
Prize is a Cybershot camera from Sony


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