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Sony Photo Challenge - Week 4: Sport, and the winner is...

The Sony Photo Challenge competition has ended on Tuesday 11th January 2011.will end tomorrow midday. The final winners have been revealed. Among the prices of the competition: a Sony NEX-5 camera is the world smallest interchangeable lens digital camera.

Thank you to all of you for participating to this competition.

The winning shot

Storm Chaser - John & Tina Reid

Of all the entries in this category, this picture really stood out. In many ways, this is so much more than just a sports image. It shows dramatic location, emotion and really tells a story of what's going to happen. For this reason, I feel it's a very worthy winner. 
Prize is a NEX-5 camera from Sony

Second place shot

Alone in the ring - ciprianhord

Sports images can be put into two categories; those that capture the moment and those that capture the emotion. This one, like so many iconic sporting images falls into the latter. It captures the loneliness of the ring, but also the barren and run-down surroundings. The perfectly black background contrasts with the boxer. And although it's in the foreground, the make-shift podium does not distract from the subject at all. It's a fantastic shot. 
Prize is a NEX-3 camera from Sony

Third place shot

The crash - suziqb

Road Racing is a fantastic sport to capture action, as it is very accessible, but at the same time, the cyclists move so quickly that you only have seconds to get your shot. Whilst I am not usually a big fan of crash shots, this image captures the moment perfectly. Not only the cyclist mid-crash, but the moments before of the other riders recovering after their spills. Had the background been less cluttered, this would have placed higher.

Prize is a Cyber-shotâ„¢ camera from Sony


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