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Camera clubs in London

I've been living in London since June 2006. By September/October 2006, if memory serves, I've joined the Ealing & Hampshire House Photography Society (EHHPS) after Googling for some camera club in my area. The club exists for quite some years now and meets every Thursday evening at 8pm at the Ealing Town Hall. There are two competitions per month, one print and one digital and we usually socialise in a pub nearby after each meeting.

After a little while I've joined few other clubs and groups such as the LPMG and the London Strobist group.

Joining a camera club is very useful and fun. It allows you to show your work and see the ones from other photographers. This is great as you can discuss ones technique and learn from that. Competitions from photographic societies are interesting, having good or bad marks does not always mean that your picture is a wow or a crap, but it helps with understanding and improving your skills in some areas.

Here is a list of existing camera clubs in London:

Name Location Website
Croydon Camera Club Croydon Croydon Camera Club
Ealing and Hampshire House Photographic Society West London Ealing and Hampshire House Photographic Society
Enfield Camera Club North London Enfield Camera Club
Hampstead Photographic Society North West London Hampstead Photographic Society
KCL Photographic Society London KCL Photographic Society
London Strobist (off-camera flash) group London London Strobist (off-camera flash) group
London Photography Meetup Group London London Photography Meetup Group
Notting Hill Photography Club West London Notting Hill Photography Club
South London Photographic Society South East London South London Photographic Society
Southgate Photographic Society Southgate Southgate Photographic Society
The Camera Club South East London The Camera Club
The Royal Photographic Society London The Royal Photographic Society
Stoke Poges Photographic Club Stoke Poges Stoke Poges Photographic Club
Marlow Camera Club Marlow Marlow Camera Club
North Hampshire Photographic Society North Hampshire North Hampshire Photographic Society
Hemel Hempstead Photographic Society Hemel Hempstead Hemel Hempstead Photographic Society

This list is far from being complete, Google for one near your area and if you find one please add it in the comments below.


I'm also giving talks about off-camera flash photography to photography clubs and groups. If you are interested, send my contact to your club events manager.


Photography Meetups London club

Hi there could you please add my camera club to your site.
The details are listed below:
Club Name- Photography Meetups
Club Location: London, UK
Contact Name: Christian carella
Contact eMail Address: info@photographymeetups.com
Web Site Address: http://www.photographymeetups.com

Many thanks,


Photosense London and Photosense Open Wall event

Hi there could you please add my camera club to your site.
Please add photosense London to your list

The details are listed below:
Club Name- Photosense London
Club Location: London, UK
Contact Name: Innocent Adriko
Contact email Mail Address: innocent@photosenselondon.com
Web Site Address: http://www.photosenselondon.com

Thanks in advance,

Innocent Adriko


Happy to see your blog as it is just what I’ve looking for and excited to read all the posts.

Muswell Hill Photographic Society

Please add us to your list

Club name: Muswell Hill Photographic Society

Club Location: Muswell Hill London N.10 Club venue : Jacksons Lane Community Arts Centre opposite Highgate tube

Club meetings: Weekly on Wednesdays 8-10pm with breaks summer,easter and Xmas

Club e-mail contact : contact@muswellhillphoto.co.uk

Club website : www.muswellhillphoto.co.uk/

Club flickr site : www.flickr.com/groups/mhps/

Come and join us. We have discussions of our work, ,joint projects, studio sessions, talks, walkabout shoots, competitions,etc.
It is a fun way to improve your skills and a social club as well - we go on to a pub after each meeting.

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