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Flash photography workshops and one-to-one courses

Additionally to my photography work, I'm also giving one-to-one photography courses and hold workshop and lectures to photographic societies and camera clubs in London. My most recent workshop was organised by the London Photographic Meetup Group (LPMG). It was a very fun day and we all have enjoyed it, the LPMG managed to organised the workshop at the Tabernacle near Notting Hill Gate. It's a fantastic place and very suitable for lectures but also workshop as it has both nice indoor and outdoor locations. The LPMG is a very big club with very friendly members that goes from the complete beginner to the very professional photographers in all kind of photography subjects. As a lot of members turn up at the workshop, we decided to split the group into sub-groups and have each sub-group handled by some helpers. This is where I would like to thanks my mates from the EHHPS and London Strobists group.

Thank you to you guys who answered for my call for help:

I also take the opportunity to thank the previous helpers:

My workshops at the LPMG contain a condensed version of my lecture targeted at beginners willing to start understanding their speedlight units in order to get better results with off-camera flash. The talk last about one hour after which we all split-up on small groups that work on different aspects of the off-camera flash techniques: on-camera bouncing off walls, off-camera for Canon users, off-camera for Nikon users, radio triggers, Nikon CLS/AWL etc... You get to know the basics of off-camera flash photography that will be your foundations for learning more advance techniques.

Some people might find it easier and faster to learn in smaller groups or in private tuitions. That's why I'm offering one-to-one courses and coaching where I will concentrate on just one person and adapt the content of the course to their needs and pace.

For more details about the courses and future workshop, keep an eye on the following page: Learn photography.


You are welcome. Keep up the good work.

Nice One

This is so great work i like it! Great pictures and great quality of photography! Thanks for sharing your workshop! Cheers dude :D

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