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Off-camera Speedlight Workshop in London

I have been giving talks around off-camera flash with speedlights techniques at the LPMG (London Photographic Meetup Group) for some times already. Off-camera lighting is a subject that interest quite a few photographers because although simple, you need to understand the basics and learn the tricks in order to make these portable flash unit your photography best friends. Some of the talks were accompanied by mini workshops where people could put into practice what was discussed. But this year, with the LPMG's organisers, we have decided to launch a series of Speedlight Workshops on their own. This is a great opportunity to get affordable tuitions on this fantastic and magical subject.

For a start we will have basics workshop to get you understand and master the essentials of off-camera flash and properties of light. There will be no secret held back!

The first workshop will be on Saturday 26th of February 2011. It will be done in two sessions (each session will have the same content, this is just to offer flexibility to the membership):

I'm looking forward to see you there, be quick as it is filling up quite fast!


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